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Hoover is a vacuum cleaner company founded in Ohio in the US. It also established a major base in the United Kingdom; and, mostly in the 20th century, it dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry, to the point where the Hoover brand name became synonymous with vacuum cleaners and vacuuming in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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  1. Hoover H20 Purepower Bags
  2. Hoover SE71WR02 Bagless Cylinder
  3. Hoover HLEC9LG Condenser Tumble Dryer
  4. Hoover HMCL5172XIN Fridge/Freezer
  5. Hoover HLEV9TG Tumble Dryer Vented 9Kg Load
  6. Hoover HLEC8TRGR Tumble Dryer 8Kg Load Condenser
  7. Hoover HLEC9TE Tumble Dryer Condenser
  8. Hoover HVT3CLFCKIHW Fridge Freezer
  9. Hoover HVT3CLFCKIHS Fridge Freezer
  10. Hoover HVT3CLFCKIHB Fridge Freezer
  11. Hoover HWB510AMC Washing Machine 10Kg Load
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