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Geoff Hill's Charitable Trust

"THE TRUST WILL GO ON", says Sue Hill wife of the Charitable Wordsley businessman Geoff Hill MBE who sadly passed away at the age of 91after many years of raising funds for local charities.

Geoff, had donated well over £250,000 to a host of good causes through his charitable trust, which he ran from the profits of his electrical superstore in Amblecote.

Geoff, from Lawnswood, always said: "I've enjoyed doing it; it's nice to help and people appreciate it. There's a lot of great people out there in the community."

The trust has seen ten per cent of the net profits from Geoff's successful shop donated to needy Black Country groups - many of which received no funding from other sources.

Over the years scout groups, sports clubs, children’s charities, community organisations and deserving individuals have benefitted.

Perhaps one of the most notable causes it has been involved in was the News Group's tsunami appeal launched after the 2004 tragedy to help rebuild a school in Phuket.

The trust held funds to help meningitis victim Robert Parsons from Norton, who was just a teenager when he lost his arms, legs and part of his nose as a result of the illness.

In a strange twist of fate Geoff then found himself helping another tragic Norton teenager - Redhill School student Callum Loveridge, who suffered devastating spinal damage when a BMX stunt when wrong back in February.

Geoff, who received an MBE in 2004 for his fundraising antics, said: "It's nice to know the public will support needy causes even though times are getting tough now. Geoff’s trust helps dozens of organisations each year, dishing out grants of anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand.

Any groups, charities or good causes in need of funding can write to:

Geoff Hill Charitable Trust, 7 High Street, Amblecote, DY8 4DE

Geoff Hill Charitable Trust